Sensual relaxation

Immerse yourself, unwind, feel good – where better than in the bathtub. Our liquid bath salts are compositions of powerful primordial sea salt, precious ethereal fragrances and finely coordinated colours. The minerals and microelements detoxify and nourish the skin. Fragrance and colour gently stimulate the sense organs. The bright red colour of the acerola cherry bath salts, for example, stimulates not only one’s blood circulation but also one’s metabolism and mind. Feeling good can be so simple.


Acerola cherry

Refuel! The springlike fragrance of the light pink acerola cherry blossom and the bright red colour of the cherries are uplifting, stimulating and revitalising.


These pale purple bath salts smell like Provence, holidays and sun. Lavender produces a feeling of inner balance and tranquillity and has all kinds of beneficial effects!


A successful combination of the succulent plant Aloe Vera and our native pear. A fruity, heavenly fragrance in green. Harmonising, regenerating and heartening!