Prof. Dr. Bienerís experts develop high-quality bath soaks with curative powers for the gentle treatment of specific ailments and reproduce healing waters and mineral springs that are identical to nature. Medicinal bath soaks and healing waters not only enrich the medical wellness offers of bath houses and thermal spas but also oneís own bathroom at home.

Our bath soaks with curative powers are created from a fine mixture of precious salts with minerals and microelements such as calcium, magnesium, iodine or selenium. Used specifically, they stimulate circulation and skin metabolism, soothe and heal skin disorders, slow down the aging process of the skin, detoxify the body, strengthen the bodyís defenses and cheer one up. In order to give your facility that special touch, we will be happy to create individual medicinal bath soaks and peeling salts consistent with your range of products and services.

Mineral springs and healing waters reproduced identical to nature in the form of salt concentrates enable you to produce unique healing waters at your facility with very little logistic effort. Summon up the sun of Vichy or the rich waters of the Karlovy Vary springs in your own facility. Our experts will be happy to give you technical advice on a new concept for or the reorientation of your facility.