Dead Sea Saline Bath

Beauty treatment

Cleopatra was not the only one to bathe in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Saline Bath stimulates circulation and the skin’s metabolism. While bathing, the body absorbs minerals from the brine which strengthen the natural protective function of the skin. Skin disorders such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne and allergies clearly improve. The effect is the same in one’s own bath tub!

Calcium / Magnesium Bath

Fountain of youth

Regular bathing in a calcium or magnesium saline bath strengthens the natural protective function of the skin, stimulates the skin’s circulation and keeps it soft and smooth. Tight, itchy skin is soothed and calmed. The anti-aging effect has now been scientifically proven. Calcium and magnesium clearly slow down the aging process of the skin.

Iodine / Selenium Bath

Source of vitality

Tired, washed out, lacking concentration? The thyroid gland is looked upon as being the body’s “accelerator”. Its hormones have a substantial effect upon metabolism. The thyroid gland requires sufficient quantities of iodine and selenium but many people are deficient in both. An iodine or selenium bath provides relief, strengthens the body’s defenses and slows down the aging process. Selenium also has an antioxidising effect and protects cells against damaging environmental influences.

Alkaline Bath

Finding balance

Find your inner being, ensure your acid-alkaline balance - an alkaline bath helps. Because life is alkaline just as the pH-value of the seas has always been alkaline. Mineral-rich salts found in the ocean deacidify the body, remove waste and free the body of harmful toxins through the skin. The organism finds its balance, the skin is cared for, vitality and mental balance return.

Microelement Baths

Beauty - Strength - Exhilaration

The salt of the ocean gently enriched with valuable microelements improves your health and that of your guests – for example with the microelement zinc, copper or lithium bath.

The zinc bath provides the body with this vital element through the skin. The result is beautiful hair, skin and nails, healthy eyes and a strong defense system within the body.

A salt enriched with copper protects the cell membranes of the body against attacks by free radicals. It also supports the formation of collagen and elastin – guaranteeing smooth, firm skin.

Traditional, legendary mineral springs with high lithium content such as those in Karlovy Vary or Vichy have a powerful, brightening effect on the psyche, just like our identical-to-nature lithium bath salts.