A medicinal bath soak offered by you exclusively is something special. Our aim is to take your location and its character into account when creating a product for you. The bath soak can provide for individual or regional factors (for example, an urban, sporty or maritime environment) or pursue a certain issue (such as Ayurveda, detoxification, balance and harmony, a short break in the Caribbean or beauty oasis).

Holistic product experience

Ingredients, scent, color we make every effort to harmonize these so that the medicinal bath soak convinces your guests and reflects the style of your facility.

Consistently high quality

Premium raw materials and substances in reliable quality are the prerequisite for the optimum effect of a medicinal bath soak and the credibility of your facility. The origin of the raw materials, the noticeable effect and skin compatibility are important to us.

Holistic compositions

In addition to the healing effect, our creations are intended to relax, pamper and regenerate. A calcium bath, for instance, not only strengthens the natural protective function of the skin but has a regenerating effect on body and soul.