Gentle stimulation

While showering or bathing, what can be nicer than spoiling, refreshing and stimulating your skin with a peeling which has been developed especially for wet skin? We use natural primordial sea salt as the basis for our aqua-peeling salts. The high-quality minerals contained in the salt nourish the skin. The salt gently stimulates the skinís blood circulation, making it radiant and silky. The pores open up to absorb the precious oils which strengthen the natural protective function of the skin making it soft and smooth. Pamper your senses with the fine fragrances of aloe vera, lotus, lemon grass or mango. We would be happy to create an individual peeling salt for your facility!



Sensual oriental fragrance which carries you off to the land of dreams, not only at night! Spicy, herbal amber rounded off with the gentle warmth of saffron appeals to both men and women, to those who value a warm fragrance!


The wonderfully refreshing scent of mint is stimulating, clears oneís head and thus turns every peeling into a guarantor for a radiant skin and an alert mind.

Aloe Vera

The succulent plant belonging to the lily family stands for beauty and immortality. Its extract provides the body with that extra portion of moisture!


This flower is not only very beautiful but also has a very pleasant and harmonizing scent. It is not for nothing that it is looked upon in Asia as being the symbol of purity.

Lemon gras

This light citrus scent stimulates oneís senses, improves awareness and concentration, makes you feel fresh and energetic! A great way to start the day!


The peeling with the fresh, fruity scent of a sweet, ripe mango. This fragrance immediately improves oneís mood, is inspiring and stimulating.